Sulantra Team


Don (The Educator)

Born in the outback of Alberta, Canada, Don is the creator of Sulantra’s training approach. He has been in language learning classrooms as a student or teacher for an eternity, but under that educated veneer lurks... a 10-year-old? Addicted to travel, he also enjoys socializing and always seems to have a houseful of guests. Other interests include cooking for the masses (largest culinary effort to date: a Japanese dinner for 500 in England).

Yoh (The Whiz)

Born in Szechuan, China, Yoh has made his mark by programming every aspect of Sulantra. Always in search of cutting edge computer technology (as well as T-shirts), his favorite pastime is finding simpler, more elegant ways to crush Sulantra’s assorted bugs. He spends long hours hovering over his computer – and a hot stove in the Sulantra kitchen! He is forever whipping together spicy nouveau Chinese cuisine using ingredients sent from home by his mother.

Tina (The Fixer)

This Bulgarian beauty from Sofia has brains and backbone, too! With her doctorate degree in Cultural Anthropology from Kyoto University, Tina bounces about the globe in her daytime job as a marketing analyst. For Sulantra she is called upon to deal with emergencies. Need a French translator in Japan? A Hebrew speaker in Sofia? Someone who can proofread Arabic? Just call Tina! All this and she makes a mean dish of stuffed grape leaves, too.

Kurt (The Organizer)

A native of the USA, Kurt has called several states home, but now lives in Japan’s Inland Sea on a tiny island (last census: population 15!) in a house built with his own hands. The quiet country boy exterior hides an analytical mind always ready to hit his keyboard and explore the legal, business and educational aspects of Sulantra. A lean and green cooking machine, everything on his platter was probably grown in his organic garden.

Yoshi (The Scientist)

A senior research scientist for a major Japanese cosmetics manufacturer, Yoshi is our guinea pig when the need arises. He has field-tested Bulgarian, Hungarian and Mandarin, and is patiently waiting for our Korean course to go online so that he can order kimchee in Seoul. On weekends, his modest facade is shattered by the blowing of his French horn in a brass band! His culinary classics include elaborate salads prepared like a science experiment.